Monday, February 25, 2008

top five; fantasy playgroup

top five parents in my fantasy playgroup
1. jon stewart and wife...the quick witted playgroup commentary would be outstanding, and i love it when jon stewart giggles uncontrollably.
2. david duchovny and tea leoni...they seem like they would show up at playgroup with all the fixin's for whisky sours.
3. conan o'brian and wife...i just want to know if conan walks around playgroup going "rawr, i'm the biggest adult on the planet, bow to me tiny babies!!"
4. heidi klum (but not husband)...not only hot, but also hilarious and german.
5. gwen stefani (but not husband)...her kids are probably super fashionable, and hella cool, just hanging out with them would make harlan cooler.

runners up:
jack black and wife (ernie and i are undecided as to whether he would be a really cool dad to hang with, or that dad in the playgroup that you just want to punch)
kate winslet and husband (they seem just lovely)
jennifer connely and paul bettany (cause they're so pretty)


jewlover2 said...

Conan is the one person I chose on a recent 'quiz' as the person I'd most like to be chained to for a day!

I know what you mean about the Cohen comments. I just was happy to see the 'mold' be broken by someone w/ such purty white teeth.

Jeremicah said...

I choose Penn and Emily Jillette with their daughter Moxie CrimeFighter, and the Nicholas Cage / Alice Kim pairing that produced baby Kal-el. But mostly because I think Alice is cute. Oh, Jamie and Jools Oliver can bring Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo if they also bring some gourmet organic treats for the party.

I mostly base my interest in parents on the entertainment value of their kids' names. And for serious, kids make fun of other kids no matter the name.

aprildawn said...

yes, children will find any way possible to make fun of your name, even if it's john smith, you may as well make it interesting.
"poppy honey and daisy boo"...those are the best names ever...of course, they have three instant careers ahead of them, 1. stripper, 2. burlesque dancer, 3. children's book author.