Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a fine city indeed...tres bon

i should change the name of this blog, to the 'a-ok' blog...since i've no reason whatsoever to want to chronicle the awful stesses that are actaully happening. only the good. to all of the morose, my apologies.
a much much needed weekend trip to montreal...a break from massachusetts...a break from this country...a break from reality. my first visit to the fine french city...i'm absolutely in love.
rekindling my adoration of the language, i bought some cd's to help me begin my quest to master the language and undo all of the damage my highschool french teacher, with a tennessee accent, might have inflicted. over the weekend a friend of mine commented that if she learned to speak fluent french, her 'stock' would go up 100 points. i heartily agree, and intend to invest fourfold in my 'stock', as i'm almost thirty, and being able to hold a perfect french conversation (and roll my 'r's in all of the right places) would most likely distract from my continually sagging ass and laugh lines. more charming than botox, i'm sure.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

happy birthday miss rockmore...

today is miss clara rockmore's birthday. she would have been 94 years old. she passed in 1998. thank you miss rockmore.

only positives

there is much more negative than positive in my life as of late...so today, i will not write about the negatives. they really don't deserve any more of my time. it's just as well, most of the negatives are so unbelievable and sad that they don't really transfer well to the page...unless of course, i'm dave eggars (harharhar).
positives: (they are small, but they are strong)
*massive amounts of snow in boston this winter, lending to many nights of sledding and pizza. yes, i'm sick of the snow, but the sledding has made it much more bearable. in fact, the sledding has made many things in my life much more bearable.
*finishing my first stencil design on a shirt, it turned out well. learning more about that devil program photoshop to use for my crafting advantage.
*finishing my first knitted wire bracelet with beads. my fingers were blistered, but it looks quite nice.
*found an amazing, kick ass pair of 1970's leather knee boots at a thrift shop for only five (5) bucks!!
*the beat circus show at tt's. long, drawn out, they didn't play until 12:30am (on a school night, no less) but it was well worth it.
*finishing "hunger" by knut hamson. wondering why i hadn't read this much much earlier in my life. highly recommended.
*discovering a new writer in the new yorker, that i actually like.
*reading on the bus.
*knowing that certain members of my family are safe, and alive.

these are all of the positives i could muster. there are the usual suspects...ernie, he is always a positive. my apartment, always a positive that i have a roof, and my warm bed. but i find it's easier and more comforting for me, if i focus on the smaller things. makes the reality of certain things seem much less horrible than they actually are.