Friday, August 07, 2009

my 'missed connection' on craigslist

to the miserable pussy hipster who pushed me (twice) while i was dancing at the old crow medicine show at house of blues on wednesday;
i really really hope i ruined the rest of your evening. i could have made it worse by having you kicked out, but i didn't, because when you pushed me the second time and then ran behind your 5'2" girlfriend to hide, i couldn't help but laugh at you. i know your kind, you go to shows with your plaid pearl button shirts, your faded in all the right spot jeans (that you borrowed from your dad, who works a real job so you can pansy ass around boston and get an 'education'), your scraggly beard, your mussy hair, you're all about 'cool' stand around at shows with your arms crossed and scowl while everyone around you tries to have fun, and god forbid anyone dance or enjoy themselves when the band plays the single from their album, because oh my gawd, that is, like, SO uncool.
just a tip; i used to be a hipster like you, and then i grew up, and started enjoying my life and being nice to people...trying to make the world a nicer place to live in. i wasn't being an obnoxious drunk, i was dancing, and i was not aware that i was annoying you until you pushed me. the next time, how about being courteous and just saying 'excuse me, could you stop bumping into me, it's annoying.' that's all you have to do, it's a common courtesy that i'm pretty sure my two year old could figure out....instead of pushing me, like you're some spoiled rotten child with a dirty diaper.

seriously though, you should really be careful who you push around when you're at a show like that, because if my husband would have been there with me, he would have seriously hurt you.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

cutest little love song

this is darn near the cutest little love song i've ever heard...

In Spite Of Ourselves - John Prine

Monday, August 03, 2009

summer stories

oh my poor neglected blog. dear thing.
many stories to tell, but not many committed to memory enough to type out. we've been in TN for weeks, and just returned a few days ago. i feel like i had a visit to another planet. a lovely, lush, but stress filled planet. so much sadness surrounded by so much hot and humid beauty. i've found myself, on returning, listening to a lot of slide guitar and lynard skynard (' me a song curtis low, curtis low, i got your drinkin' money, tune up your dobro..') good thing the weather in MA is almost as hot and sticky as TN was, the lifestyle re adjustment was easier.

my family. where do i begin. just insanity. i love them all dearly, so dearly, but i don't know what to do to help them in any way.

i can't write about anything. just wanted to post something to keep my blog from dying.

random thoughts from tennessee:

-humid air like molasses on a hot biscuit
-aplaca farms on the tops of hills
-stella artois at the walmart
-defeated creek beach and swimming in the cumberland
(still slightly scared of being pulled under by a giant catfish)
-fried catfish at helen's
-charred shine the color of light maple syrup, but with more kick
-sheep herding pyrenees laying in the middle of the road and harassing cars
-sweet sugary summer cantaloupe
-tomatoes and biscuits for breakfast
-drunk singin' with my sweet lovely man on lloyd's front porch
-deer everywhere
-cows everywhere
-prison visit with my little bro in the cotton fields
-crawfish sushi on the way home from jackson
-bugs, bugs and many biting bugs
-taking my toddler the roberts honky tonk down on lower so drunk there one night i let the steel player take me home
-seeing nashville become the city it has always wanted to be
-bought some moccasins in VA off the blue ridge parkway
-the kudzu almost pulled me in and kept me
-that drawl...that southern sound that creeps into my mouth two days after i drop down beneath the mason dixon line and gets thicker and thicker with every sip of beer i drink...that drawl that made me crazy when i was an idiot teenager, but these days makes me close my eyes and just fall in love again...

Pretty Saro - Iris DeMent