Friday, February 23, 2007

39 weeks

i've heard women quite often talk of how much they love pregnancy, being pregnant, etc...and i can honestly say, i'm not one of these women. in fact, much of my time these days is spent trying to move baby down, get baby out...two prominent thoughts on my mind. as i write, i'm rolling and rocking around on my birth ball and drinking my raspberry leaf tea, in hopes that one of these things will start some sort of action.
just to complain a tiny feet look like tempurpedic pillows, my face has widened out to the point that i don't feel like myself any longer when i check the mirror, my hair is grey, my hair is long and unkempt (mostly my fault on that one), it takes a small construction crew to help me turn over in bed, i can no longer shave my legs, my face is a oil slick, and many times this week i've been known to lie on the couch in tears for no reason whatsoever.
oh, the fun.
i suppose he'll come out when he's good and ready...a sign of his temperment to come, maybe?

in non baby related news (there doesn't really seem to be much these days)...and in trying to find more songs for my ipod, i'm discovering old favorites i've not listened to in years. it always amazes me how comforting music is in a time of utter discomfort.
current listening favorites:
"since i fell for you"- nina simone
"waltz #2" - elliot smith
"the book of love" - magnetic fields (soon to become a lullabye favorite)
"the universal" - small faces (i want to be young again!!)
"you still believe in me" - the beach boys (for mister irving, of the bike bell)

"life is hard enough without having someone kick you from the inside" - rita rudner

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

heloooooo....hello, feet? are you still there? just give me a sign if you can hear me...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

boston, you're so silly!

how many massholes does it take to unscrew a lite brite??

the take on the situation from yesterday, from the mayor, police, etc, is that while this was a harmless marketing campaign, let it be well documented that the boston emergency units, et al, responded quickly and abley to safely remove the items that were placed all across boston. their point being, that boston should not be embarassed by yesterdays events.
i have to heartily, heartily disagree. not only did it take the city of boston SIX hours to figure out what the hell was going on with these things...but they had been hanging up around boston for TWO weeks before anyone noticed. and then, when someone did finally notice, the city of boston flew into a panic the likes we've never seen. had it been real and actual terrorism, we'd all be dead by now.
and now they've arrested the two guys that hung them, as i'm sure, a token gesture...almost like, when someone plays a prank on the old crabby guy at the end of the block, and he decides to have them arrested because he's so goddamned embarrassed by it, that he has no idea what else to do, and shakes his wrinkly fist in a furious, 'someone should pay!' kind of gesture.

boston, if you know what's good for you (and from the four years i've lived here, it's been proven to me many times, that they absolutely do not)'ll leave this alone...let it go...shake your heads at the 'kids today' and continue your sulking about the patriots choking their chance at the superbowl this year.