Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ramble on

just some highlights from the past few weeks:
* mom's visit came and went. she caught a cold, then bronchitis, then her back went out. all around the same time that hubby's grandma passed away...all right around mother's day. good times. she and harlan did become best friends, and i'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that she let him drink soda at the au bon pain. (like any good granma would)
* in my lazy battle of the bulge and attempt to get my body 'bathing suit ready', i've gained three pounds. fabulous! it seems my strict regimen of tiramisu and coffee isn't working as well as i had intended.
* went to the somerville open studios, amazing, best open studios ever! fell in love (again) with the idea of turning our back bedroom into an art/craft studio...quickly lost motivation, ended up on the couch watching 'so you think you can dance' (god, i love that show!).
* bought harlan a water/sand pit for the back yard. realized that no amount of clothing can keep sand out of the crack of your ass.
* cultivating my green thumb. started with some succulents to build up confidence in my ability to keep things alive. bought some herbs (lemon verbena, chocolate mint, two kinds of lavender) to make me feel european. (hubby is afraid of the chocolate mint, he thinks it may be a mind trick)
* rigorously planning day to day itineraries for our week long trip to nyc. more excited than words can say. me and baby, alone in the city, for a week. if i can pull this one off, i will officially have 'supermom cred'.
* becoming overwhelmed planning for a month long venture to chicago. reading 'devil in the white city' (about a psycho murderer and the building of the 1893 world's fair chicago) to put me in the mood for our adventure.
* still working on baby proofing the house. should be finished by the time harlan reaches high school.

and that's my time. thank you and goodnight.