Friday, February 27, 2009

things i miss

i miss my skinny jeans...i miss dancing at zuzu's soulelujah...i miss my wild abandon...i miss my friends that have moved away...i miss bbq's in the back yard...i miss montreal...i miss what my shoulders feel like without this weight on them...i miss the freckles that have faded for wrinkles...i miss sitting on the back porch...i miss napping in the grass in union square park...i miss flip flops...i miss tank tops and what my arms used to look like...i miss the tennessee heat and humidity...i miss dragon park...i miss roaming through record stores aimlessly...i miss bubble.pop.electric...i miss road trips...i miss robbie's dad's penthouse...i miss coney island...i miss warm sand...i miss a good bagel...i miss a lot.

many of these things will be back, i'll see them again...but some...they'll never be back. i've noticed lately i've been searching for new things to replace them. i feel downtrodden but fortunate.

i'm putting a lot of faith in this summer.
something as simple as not having to feel a chill when i walk outside may be enough to cure me.

don't dare be hatin', i really like this song, i really do.

Crack A Bottle - Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent

Friday, February 20, 2009

i still kinda love you zach condon

new beirut album!!! double cd!! two totally different sounds, two totally different albums. muy bueno!!

Beirut - March of the Zapotec and Realpeople Holland

Friday, February 13, 2009

can the swedes get any more adorable??

the powerful innocence in their voices almost rips my heart out. not to mention it's just a great fleet foxes song to begin with. i love the swedish.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

norway's finest

a fairly straight forward cover, but it's by one of my favorite indie guys (ac newman or new pornographers fame) and it makes me happy, none the less.

AC Newman - Take On Me.mp3 -

didn't i just blog?

things i've been doing instead of blogging

1. knitting my balls off: christmas time was a marathon knitting month for me, and after that i decided that i would actually like to start taking it seriously and knitting more than scarves and hats. i've learned lots of new skills and even accomplished writing out my first pattern. when i think of all there is to learn, i still get overwhelmed, but will approach it with zen...when you know all there is to know about everything, there's no longer reason to live.
2. tickling the living daylights out of my two year old: never did i imagine that i would spend almost fully half of my days in tickle fights with a toddler.
3. alternately freaking out about the economy and not caring about the economy: i'm really sick of hearing about it, especially since i live in a city where when people go on a budget it means they may have to buy their bugaboo stroller used and their teenagers may have to settle for a crappy lexus instead of a bmw for their sweet 16.
4. consuming way too much caffeine
5. facebook : i hate you! (just kidding, you know i love you baby)
6. continuing to be disgusted by nip/tuck and not being able to stop watching it.
7. drinking the shit out of some mich ultra amber (my new diet drink)
8. thinking the media should leave michael phelps alone and get the fuck over it.
9. thinking the media should leave christian bale alone and get the fuck over it.
10. continuing to be super happy i voted for obama and disliking most republicans.

add to that a copious amount of toddler playdates; being sick, being healthy, being sick again (and again); boohoo-ing about my ever growing ass; complaining about the winter and wishing for spring; sex with the hubs; obsessing over japan; crushing on jon stewart; lots of laying around in my pajamas; listening to that fleet foxes album over and over again; and constantly searching for that pot at the end of the rainbow when it's right in front my face.