Tuesday, August 21, 2007

we're all grown up now

back in my day, i was quite the follower of a little band called fugazi. i must have seen them six or seven times...(it was better than following the dead, for christ sake...not hatin', just sayin').
i had heard of this, but had never seen it. thank you, youtube.
now, i can't get this song out of my head.

we love ya ian!!
you wock!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

project mum

so, has anyone else in boston heard about this?
what oh what will the townies think??!

Project MUM: Meet Under McGrath!
Saturday, Aug. 18, 9pm-
The intersection of Washington Street & McGrath Highway
This year's event pays tribute to the glorious 1970s and features four hours of music spun by DJs Flack, Axel Foley and Pace, with lighting by Todd Sargent/VDA Productions that provide the perfect backdrop for your fabulous dance moves. Eye-popping video and light sculptures will include a psychedelic slideshow flashback featuring your own authentic 70s photos. Special guest video artist jackbackrack and celebrity dance stages organized by Alissa Cardone of Kinodance Company, an internationally known intermedia performance and dance troupe based in Somerville.

MUM is free and open to the public (with a $10 suggested donation fee.)
All proceeds will support ARTSomerville, the Somerville Arts Council, Mudflat Pottery Studio, Inc., Brickbottom Artist Association, Somerville Community Access Television, Joy Street Studios, and Kinodance Company.

So grab those bell-bottoms from your attic, fluff up your ‘fros, and join Somerville's dance party revolution! *And while you’re at it, become a part of the event by sending in your photos of yourself, friends and family stylin’ in 1970s Somerville and beyond – that we’ll show during the party. Email digital images at least 4”x6” 300 dpi to: info@artsomerville.org www.ARTSomerville.org

Friday, August 10, 2007