Tuesday, October 05, 2004

easier than the saw??? Posted by Hello

easier than the theremin?? Posted by Hello

murphy is beaming...

becomming more and more impossible to be positive about my life and the lives of people that i love, i found that it is easier to be 'distracted' than positive.
at least, my brain seems to think so. so it turns itself on and off and off and on...never paying attention to the time of day or my mood.
distractions of recent:
on thursday night at the middle east club in cambridge, a boston based band called 'the beat circus' had their cd release party. i was absolutely astonished by this band, and would highly recommend to anyone with a penchant for tightly played drunken circus music to buy their new cd 'ringleaders revolt'. they are quite possibly my new favorite thing about boston (favorite things about boston being very rare). opening for the beat circus was a band from brooklyn called 'one ring zero', complete with a theremin and claviola, as well as box drum, and accordian. on their newest cd, 'as smart as we are', they were able to charm several well known authors into writing lyrics for the songs...such as, rick moody, dave eggers, jonathan letham, margaret atwood, lemony snicket, and tons of others. also opening was a cute band from boston called the sob sisters. a three piece with a saw player, flapper outfits and kazoos. just adorable.
in the midst of it all, was a psychotic banjo plucker named curtis eller.
it was quite a show. much needed distraction indeed.
down to tennessee tomorrow. home again in a bit.