Thursday, October 27, 2005

i guess they really like their cheese

this is an ad from the cheddar flavored slushies we discovered while visiting the montreal local convienence store, 'couche tard' (which we kindly refer to as "coochie tarde")...they're slushies, they're cheese flavored...i don't know what else to say.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

j'adore montreal

a wedding in montreal this weekend...another wonderful trip to this wonderful city. here we are, looking swank.  Posted by Picasa

mr.ernie well into the fourth hour of the six hour open bar at the reception. thank you, clancy family. and thank you jamesons (or 'jemmy' as the irish affectionately call it).  Posted by Picasa

a large spider sculpture in ottawa...of all places. took a picture to assure myself that it was real, and i wasn't still drunk. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

bits and pieces

i've had nothing clever to say lately, in turn, i've had nothing clever to write. so, i would like to use this post to promote some things that i think are wonderful and that everyone should know about.
NYC Gypsy compilation, 'Mehanata'
i've recently become quite obsessed with gypsy music, as i think everyone, at some point in their lives should be. this compilation is mostly made up of nyc bands and people who have played at the bulgarian bar, mehanata. buy it, support them...
this leads me to my next recommendation, the new york city gypsy festival, october 29-november 6, with an ending show at the roxy, featuring, none other than, gogol bordello. i've mentioned this band before, and i'm very serious when i say this, they put on one of the best live shows i've ever seen. if you live anywhere near nyc (by 'near', i mean within a 1000 mile radius, yes, they're that good), go. see. this. show!
autumn is upon us, with all of it's wet, breezy, colorfilled glory. my third recommendation is to visit your nearest pumpkin patch. i know, it seems, cliche. but i say this honestly, it will take away most of your stresses from the summer, and help you to sail easily right into winter. and more importantly, the carving of the pumpking when you have it home, is sure to take the edge off if you've had a particularly rough few months. stabbing an inanimate object with a big knife and pulling out it's insides. what more can i say.

Monday, October 03, 2005

our western adventures...

vegas was bizarre...many dollars were spent, breasts were seen (both good and bad), sins were committed.
only one thing to say about the grand canyon...SEE IT BEFORE YOU DIE.

it's vegas baby... Posted by Picasa

ernie pretending he can fly... Posted by Picasa

overcoming my fear of heights at the canyon... Posted by Picasa

ernie's artistic view of the mgm grand waterfalls. Posted by Picasa

the art in vegas is spectacular. Posted by Picasa

my tribute to ansel adams at the grand canyon. Posted by Picasa

our room at the mgm grand in las vegas had a small television in the mirror of the bathroom...i'm not quite sure why one would need such a thing, but it's vegas...nothing is actually "needed". Posted by Picasa

las vegas trip. in front of the waterfall light show at the wynn hotel and casino. Posted by Picasa

grand canyon Posted by Picasa

our trip to the grand canyon.  Posted by Picasa