Tuesday, October 18, 2005

bits and pieces

i've had nothing clever to say lately, in turn, i've had nothing clever to write. so, i would like to use this post to promote some things that i think are wonderful and that everyone should know about.
NYC Gypsy compilation, 'Mehanata'
i've recently become quite obsessed with gypsy music, as i think everyone, at some point in their lives should be. this compilation is mostly made up of nyc bands and people who have played at the bulgarian bar, mehanata. buy it, support them...
this leads me to my next recommendation, the new york city gypsy festival, october 29-november 6, with an ending show at the roxy, featuring, none other than, gogol bordello. i've mentioned this band before, and i'm very serious when i say this, they put on one of the best live shows i've ever seen. if you live anywhere near nyc (by 'near', i mean within a 1000 mile radius, yes, they're that good), go. see. this. show!
autumn is upon us, with all of it's wet, breezy, colorfilled glory. my third recommendation is to visit your nearest pumpkin patch. i know, it seems, cliche. but i say this honestly, it will take away most of your stresses from the summer, and help you to sail easily right into winter. and more importantly, the carving of the pumpking when you have it home, is sure to take the edge off if you've had a particularly rough few months. stabbing an inanimate object with a big knife and pulling out it's insides. what more can i say.


Amy L Clark said...

stab it, pull out all the insides, squish them around in your fingers, then roast the seeds with lots of salt. delicious, especially when picturing your ex-boss, ex-roomate or ex-boyfriend while really ripping those orangy shred from the inside. whatcha carving this year, miss Zelda?

Race Gannon said...

I think they call that "Elliott Smith"-ing the pumpkin.

aprildawn said...

oh. dear. lord.

Anonymous said...

april you want to listen to FANFARE CIOCARLIA. for the real stuff.

aprildawn said...

thank you anon...just checked out a snippet, quite good. i'll be sure to pick up their cd at ye ole amazon.
my new favorite genre, 'roma brass'.