Thursday, April 21, 2005

les yeux noirs!! of those days when you know that laying on the couch and watching horrific reality tv will only leave you with a television hangover in the morning, so you force yourself to go out, do something, and you feel so much better for much better.
on these midweek nights when ernie and i need to get off the couch and away from the tele, we go down to davis square. last night i had noticed that there was a band from paris called les yeux noirs playing at johnny d's. a "russian french yiddish gypsy fiddle driven ensemble"...honestly, how could we go wrong??
all i can say is that the cd's that they were selling were horribly overpriced at twenty american dollars, (i am assuming because the dollar is crap), and i readily and easily handed our twenty over to the lovely french fiddle player...with a smile, no less.
they were, astonishing.
to anyone, and everyone who has the chance, please, i implore you, go see this band. not only is the brother fiddle duo quite 'easy on the eyes' as the girls would say, but they're absolutely talented as well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


i never meant for this site to be about 'updates'...but here are a few affecting my life right now:
-i am engaged, with a lovely sapphire and diamond ring
-it is warm today in boston, it is spring in boston, i am happier in boston (rare)
-my brother daniel is home in tennessee from iraq, he is alive
-my brother nigel is out of prison on bail, his trial has been postponed until august, he is alive
-my parents are deeper and deeper in debt, almost to bankruptcy, but they have their two youngest sons home for at least a short while, and they are happy
-my bike is out of the garage for the first time in two years...rode it with ernie on the cape next to the ocean this beautiful
-my 'to do' lists are getting longer and longer
-still miss ny, it's still my 'goal'

i'm sure it's chemical, but even with all that is still happening with my family, the fact that it has warmed a bit in new england has changed my mood considerably for the better. anxiously awaiting my first summer swim at walden pond.


maybe jumping the bandwagon late...but in my obnoxious job above the garbage dump, this website helps me with my day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

la vie en rose...

may i humbly suggest to anyone in the boston area, to please go to the lizard lounge on saturday, april 9th at 8pm to see ZIAF (playing the songs of edith piaf). i've seen them twice before, and they are wonderful. the lead singer, while not sounding exactly like piaf, (but who could, really?), has an amazing voice.
they will be playing two sets, along with some other local bands, including 'cirkestra', a three piece (accordian, violian, bass fiddle) who play circus sideshow americana type whatnot.