Thursday, April 21, 2005

les yeux noirs!! of those days when you know that laying on the couch and watching horrific reality tv will only leave you with a television hangover in the morning, so you force yourself to go out, do something, and you feel so much better for much better.
on these midweek nights when ernie and i need to get off the couch and away from the tele, we go down to davis square. last night i had noticed that there was a band from paris called les yeux noirs playing at johnny d's. a "russian french yiddish gypsy fiddle driven ensemble"...honestly, how could we go wrong??
all i can say is that the cd's that they were selling were horribly overpriced at twenty american dollars, (i am assuming because the dollar is crap), and i readily and easily handed our twenty over to the lovely french fiddle player...with a smile, no less.
they were, astonishing.
to anyone, and everyone who has the chance, please, i implore you, go see this band. not only is the brother fiddle duo quite 'easy on the eyes' as the girls would say, but they're absolutely talented as well.

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