Wednesday, May 25, 2005

pamelia kurstin is f*cking hot

no post in quite some time, i just noticed. ernie and i are deep into wedding planning blitz mode. ("second times a charm", that's the phrase, right?)
but, i thought i would just write and let everyone know that my favorite boston based motleys are playing upstairs at the middle east on thursday, may 26. for those of you who aren't 'in the circus/sideshow music know', i'm referring to the amazing 'beat circus'. they will be playing along with another favorite of mine from brooklyn, 'barbez'...which happens to include the hottest living actual theremin player in the universe...pamelia kurstin. yes, that's right folks, she actually plays, as opposed to just fondling the theremin for her own personal enjoyment (as i've been know to do).
also, playing will be the guitar/accordian project 'gutterhelmet'...alec k. redfern, you rock my socks with your accordian box. (that sounded much more naughty than i had intended)

so, if you're in the boston area, come to the middle east up, on thursday night, may 26. you will be shocked and amazed.

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