Monday, January 31, 2005

something positive...

on saturday evening, i got a phone call from my mom, an exhausted sounding, but exited message on my machine...they had heard from daniel. he was being sent to kuwait, to wait to be sent back to okinawa. on the 25th, if all is well, he'll be sent tennessee....when i heard the message i couldn't help but cry. i hardly ever cry happy tears, i always thought it felt so odd...but, i couldn't control them, they just came. the past few days have been so completely emotional. as close as my family and i are, we hardly ever talk on the phone these's just too painful...all of the things going on. and then the news of the crash...and then finding out that daniel is ok, and might even come home (pre empted by the news that he was on the 'second' helicopter, the one that didn't crash, 50/50 chances).
i've heard no news to tell me different, so my hope is still that he is on his way out of there. it's the only positive news my family has had in some time...and it makes me wonderfully happy and terribly nervous.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


yesterday in iraq, a helicopter went down in the desert and 31 marines were killed. among those 31 marines, 27 of them were stationed in kaneohe bay hawaii, and were with the 1st battalion, 3rd marines, 3rd division, III meu...this is the same battalion that my younger brother is with. as more and more time goes by, more and more names are released, and having not heard any news from my parents as of yet, my hopes are high that he is ok. but, there is the still fear. so much fear that my stomach is in knots. the waiting is almost unbearable. and then still more fear and anxiety, will he remain and be sent home safe?
coupled with the fear is the absolute anger that i feel toward bush, and the current administration. bush spoke yesterday, of how these deaths may "discourage" the american people, but we must stay with it, to "spread freedom". he showed no emotion for the fallen, i honestly don't think i've ever seen him show any emotion for any of the 1400 men who have died recently for the lies we've been told...we are already discouraged mr.president, we have been for a while.
but, no amount of political ranting will make this ok.
my heart goes out to the families of the marines who died yesterday. i'm sure my brother was friends with some of them, and they are not alone in their grieving.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

the obligatory "oh my jesus, could there be any more snow?!" post

so. it snowed. and then it snowed. and then some more it snowed. and we shoveled and shoveled, and then some more we shoveled. and tomorrow, here in beantown, it will snow again. but we will not shovel...we will sled.
because, last night...on a fairly fresh two feet of snow, we managed to find, the best sledding hill ever!! it's no secret, in fact, it's pretty much one of the only hills in boston...but, damn, it's a good one. leave it to harvard to create a perfect little slice of park heaven in the middle of jamaica plain. for those of you who are not aware of the absolute, A-#1 Best Thing In must visit the Arnold Arboretum in JP. ernie and i discovered it this summer, on a lazy sunday afternoon with nothing else to do but brush each other's hair, and read the paper. we had long thought that jamaica plain was much too far to drive for a park, but had heard that the arboretum held unknown pleasures, and it was sunday, so why not travel. it turned out to be, as said, heavenly. literally, it was what i imagine heaven would look like, complete with a lilac hill, a rose pond, a cedar forest and a bonsai garden.
the hill that we went to last night was easily a quarter mile to the top, if not more...starting off at a fair pace, not too slow, not too fast, and then ending with a burst of speed and craziness, before delivering you softly to the bottom of the hill without fear of tree injuries or snowbanks. it was only after four or five trips having to walk our sleds back to the top, that we realized why sledding should be done during the day and not at ten o'clock at night (at 11 degrees out), and why we should really take better care of ourselves and do a lot more cardio. pants wet, and frozen, thoroughly out of breath, we did the only thing we could do. we went for pizza...sicilian style.
it's odd how parts of your life can be absolutely perfect at times, while other parts of your life are farther from perfect than they've ever been.