Monday, January 31, 2005

something positive...

on saturday evening, i got a phone call from my mom, an exhausted sounding, but exited message on my machine...they had heard from daniel. he was being sent to kuwait, to wait to be sent back to okinawa. on the 25th, if all is well, he'll be sent tennessee....when i heard the message i couldn't help but cry. i hardly ever cry happy tears, i always thought it felt so odd...but, i couldn't control them, they just came. the past few days have been so completely emotional. as close as my family and i are, we hardly ever talk on the phone these's just too painful...all of the things going on. and then the news of the crash...and then finding out that daniel is ok, and might even come home (pre empted by the news that he was on the 'second' helicopter, the one that didn't crash, 50/50 chances).
i've heard no news to tell me different, so my hope is still that he is on his way out of there. it's the only positive news my family has had in some time...and it makes me wonderfully happy and terribly nervous.

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