Friday, February 23, 2007

39 weeks

i've heard women quite often talk of how much they love pregnancy, being pregnant, etc...and i can honestly say, i'm not one of these women. in fact, much of my time these days is spent trying to move baby down, get baby out...two prominent thoughts on my mind. as i write, i'm rolling and rocking around on my birth ball and drinking my raspberry leaf tea, in hopes that one of these things will start some sort of action.
just to complain a tiny feet look like tempurpedic pillows, my face has widened out to the point that i don't feel like myself any longer when i check the mirror, my hair is grey, my hair is long and unkempt (mostly my fault on that one), it takes a small construction crew to help me turn over in bed, i can no longer shave my legs, my face is a oil slick, and many times this week i've been known to lie on the couch in tears for no reason whatsoever.
oh, the fun.
i suppose he'll come out when he's good and ready...a sign of his temperment to come, maybe?

in non baby related news (there doesn't really seem to be much these days)...and in trying to find more songs for my ipod, i'm discovering old favorites i've not listened to in years. it always amazes me how comforting music is in a time of utter discomfort.
current listening favorites:
"since i fell for you"- nina simone
"waltz #2" - elliot smith
"the book of love" - magnetic fields (soon to become a lullabye favorite)
"the universal" - small faces (i want to be young again!!)
"you still believe in me" - the beach boys (for mister irving, of the bike bell)

"life is hard enough without having someone kick you from the inside" - rita rudner

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