Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a fine city indeed...tres bon

i should change the name of this blog, to the 'a-ok' blog...since i've no reason whatsoever to want to chronicle the awful stesses that are actaully happening. only the good. to all of the morose, my apologies.
a much much needed weekend trip to montreal...a break from massachusetts...a break from this country...a break from reality. my first visit to the fine french city...i'm absolutely in love.
rekindling my adoration of the language, i bought some cd's to help me begin my quest to master the language and undo all of the damage my highschool french teacher, with a tennessee accent, might have inflicted. over the weekend a friend of mine commented that if she learned to speak fluent french, her 'stock' would go up 100 points. i heartily agree, and intend to invest fourfold in my 'stock', as i'm almost thirty, and being able to hold a perfect french conversation (and roll my 'r's in all of the right places) would most likely distract from my continually sagging ass and laugh lines. more charming than botox, i'm sure.

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