Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh scarlett johansson, could you GET any hotter??!!

from pitchfork news:
Scarlett Johansson Album
"Frankly, Scarlett, we do give a damn. Anywhere I Lay My Head, the previously reported debut album from screen thespian Scarlett Johansson, arrives May 20 on Atco/Rhino.

It's an album comprised almost entirely of Tom Waits covers, with one ScarJo original, "Song for Jo", as its centerpiece. And now we know just which Waits numbers get the Johansson touch: "I Don't Want to Grow Up", "Town With No Cheer", and "No One Knows I'm Gone" are among the tunes by the gravel-voiced one that make up the rather odd Anywhere tracklist, reported on yesterday evening.

We already knew Dave Sitek produced and members of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Celebration, and Stars Like Fleas play on it, but here's the kicker: a pair of tracks ("Falling Down" and "Fannin' Street") feature guest vocals from none other than David Bowie! That's right: the other girl from Ghost World has recorded Tom Waits covers with David Bowie. Minds = blown.

As far as the covers themselves, "I Don't Want to Grow Up" will probably turn some heads. The report describes the track as having "drum machine beats straight out of a New Order song." Oh boy.

Waits gave the project his blessing, however. "I sent him some of the early, early recordings," Johansson told journalists at a press conference yesterday, "and he said, 'Go ahead.'

"I've heard he's very pleased."

While Johansson has no immediate plans to tour the Anywhere material, she is considering the possibility of "getting everybody together" for a festival appearance.

Anywhere I Lay My Head:

01 Fawn
02 Town With No Cheer
03 Falling Down
04 Anywhere I Lay My Head
05 Fannin' Street
06 Song for Jo
07 Green Grass
08 I Wish I Was in New Orleans
09 I Don't Want to Grow Up
10 No One Knows I'm Gone
11 Who Are You?


ok, it's not enough that she's smokin' hot, but she also is a tom waits fan, enough to make a cover album...AND she got david bowie (oh my jesus!) to do backing vocals on said album.
i just want to put her in my pocket and take her home.


Lloyd said...

I think you could've put this one under the "Speaking of Boobs" entry...

aprildawn said...

f'real doe.

Jeremicah said...

I'm relieved you're taking over as Scarlett's keeper, because my closet was awfully crowded with both her and Juliette Lewis in there.