Monday, February 04, 2008


some say anger can eat you from the inside out. it's true. i'm very angry today at someone i thought was a close friend. about things that are out of my control. people and their actions that i can't control, and i can't seem to get through to them how their overly sensitive, passive aggressive behavior is killing me. i've been seething all day. my chest hurts, my head hurts, my jaw hurts from being unconsciously clinched, my stomach is cramped into knots, my back is achy, i'm just an all around mess...i'm being eaten from the inside out.
it's time to take a drive, it's time to meditate. it's time for me to take stock of the beautiful things in my life, and the few, rare beautiful people around me.
change is on the way, i know it is.


on a completely unrelated topic; i'm really glad the patriots didn't win the super bowl. i could have cared less about that idiot game. but to live in massachusetts and have to listen to all of the cocky nonsense that spouts from people's mouths around this area about that stupid football team made me root root root for the giants, and actually watch the last five minutes (or 'the best five minutes') of the game (whereas previously, hubby and i had been watching the 'puppy bowl' on animal planet, soon to be a yearly family tradition).
and what the hell was with that fool belichick rushing out onto the field when they ran down the last two seconds of the clock without his permission???! as if the hand of god was going to come down and sweep the ball over for a touchdown in those last two seconds. what a cheating jack ass loser!

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