Tuesday, March 11, 2008

with a knick knack paddywack give a dog a bone...

many posts ago, i had made a list of songs that i wanted harlan to love, that weren't really children's songs. while this lists grows daily, i've also discovered some pretty good albums for him that actually are children's songs.
here are some of my faves (which, by the way, are great for adults to, if you're ever in the mood to run through rain puddles, make mud pies, or sit on your stoop and blow bubbles all day):

"little mo'mccoury" by the del mccoury band
you can't really go wrong with bluegrass, in my opinion. personal favorites from this one, are 'monkey and the engineer' and 'mama's blues'.

"little bird" by elizabeth mitchell
i was very skeptical of this lady until i heard the cd and saw what a calming affect it had on harlan. she has a sweet little voice that just soothes his little soul. i also like the fact that she did a version of a velvet underground song...i can only hope some fine day on the playground, harlan can be heard singing 'what goes on' at top volume while swinging his day away.
sidenote, she also has an indie band named 'ida'.

"lullabye renditions of the cure" by rockabye baby records
harlan LOVES this cd. we used to use it to put him to sleep, and the other day, when it was on at his playgroup, i noticed him yawning, and drowsing about. also good for adult insomnia.

"nighttime" by dan zanes
this was a recent purchase, after hubby and i looked him up and heard the song "smile smile smile" and realized that harlan perked right up when he heard it. it's a bit of a goofy folky cd, but i have a feeling when harlan gets a little older (to that sing along age), it will be one of his favorites. and it really is damn catchy.

that's all for now...i'm sure there are tons more, and if anyone has any suggestions i'm all ears. (NO wiggles, NO kidzbop, NO barney, and NO doodlebops)


Jeremicah said...

We groove to the Rockabye renditions of Radiohead songs... and Abigail Washburn, who just makes me feel like a little girl.

jewlover2 said...

Thanks so much, I LOVE the Del McCourrey album. It's great!

They Might Be Giants has a childrens' album. It scares my son.

Shannon said...

Cameron LOVES the Cure. I'm sure that he would totally be into the lullaby versions where he still of diaper age.

We tried TMBG with Cameron when he was little and it never took with him. I think they tried too hard...