Thursday, January 04, 2007

miss aretha

for the lovely pagan holiday known as christmas, where loved ones and not so loved ones exchange gifts and such, mister irving decided to splurge this year (you know, kind of a little thank you for being not only his wife, but also his baby mamma), he decided to buy me an ipod nano. yeah, i know, everyone has one of these little things, and i'm jumping in late, but hey, that's the way i roll (i just got a cell phone a few months ago).
before realizing that if i was going to put the songs i wanted on the nano, i would have to go handpick 1000 songs from my collection, i picked two songs to try out.
both by aretha franklin. the first is "i never loved a man", the second is "say a little prayer". can i just say, i am constantly forgetting how much some people just kick ass at what they do. miss aretha really does kick ass. she takes a goofy, sentimental pop song like, 'say a little prayer', and makes it the song that you just wish someone would be playing on the radio every single morning when you wake up. the world would be a better place, i think.
and "i never loved a man" soul ripping is that song??!!

ok, time for me to go pick 998 more songs.


Lloyd said...

Her version of "I Say a Little Prayer" is the first song I look for every time I see a jukebox.

seventh ward said...

"(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman" by Aretha is just awesome. In fact, I picked up the iPod to listen to it right now!