Wednesday, January 31, 2007

meatwad get the honeys see...

i don't know if anyone else is keeping up with what's going on in our fine city today, but apparently there were 'suspicious packages' found under some overpasses and everyone got all up in arms...then they found the packages were a hoax, and a couple of them contained pics of one of the mooninites from aqua teen hunger force flipping the bird.
if you haven't heard of this, and you need a good, hearty laugh, please go to fox news channel and listen to the commentary from the news guy.
and i quote:
"we're getting reports that the alien type creatures pictured in the hoax packages are from a cartoon program called 'aqua teen hunger force'...i repeat, 'aqua teen hunger force'...stoner stuff, you know...the creatures pictured are called 'mooninites'...yes, that's right, these small alien creatures brought a great american city to a standstill this morning."
first of all, when the hell did boston become a 'great american city'??
(haha..i kidd, i kidd!)

update: so it turns out, that most of them were actually a marketing scheme by turner broadcasting network...hahahahhahahahahahaha....what a silly world we live in..

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