Friday, January 26, 2007

baby post, be forewarned

it's getting closer and closer to the time for out little man to be here, only five more weeks (give or take a couple), and although you would think that with a room already full of baby clothes, toys, etc, that it would seem very very real to us at this point, it seems to be getting more surreal by the minute.
no real problems with the pregnancy, except for a horrific amount of weight gain (about half in my belly and half in my ass). we've had a couple of baby showers and each of them were unique. i thank each and every person who gave us things, and i appreciate all the gifts...but, i really think there should be more to choose from when it comes to baby gift items out there. i mean, i think we were given around 50 blue and white onesies, and blue and white sleepers, and blue and white pants, and blue and white shirts...and shirts that said 'little boy' on them, and shirts with baseballs (or other sports items)...etc, etc, gender specific, gender specific. i've tried to buy baby clothing in the usual places and i realize the don't want the baby boy to look like a puff (in all pinks and soft yellows), and you don't want him to look like a box of blue pastels exploded on what is a mom to do??
then i found this site, and i thnk it's just about the cutest thing (best idea) i've seen in a while...c'mon moms, dress your boy babies like real men!! let's end all of this baby blue madness!!!

also, may have posted about this before, but here's another baby gift giving idea, in case any of you have upcoming showers to attend:
baby rock records
especially love the led zepplin and the cure (and i'm sure the pixies album will be 'interesting' if not wonderful).


jewlover2 said...

expensive or no, knuckleheads clothing is the best stuff I've ever seen for littluns. I have always believed in dressing my boys like men from at least six months on...'go to hell' hats, bow ties, liberty overalls...the whole shabang.

Lloyd said...

Man I'm glad I saw this post before we bought your gift.

Do you have a wishlist anywhere, or need-to-have stuff that you haven't gotten yet?

Lloyd said...

By the way, the Pixies one does look interesting, but they really should have Nimrod's Son on it...

Lloyd said...

My wife reminds me it's called a "registry".

::Cue Chris Farley pulling hair out "I'm so STUPID!"::

Anonymous said...

that is so, so cool. by the way, remind me that I have a present for him while he is still tiny...

also, I am obviously starting to get excited about you having a baby, since I am now referring to your baby as "him" and not "it."