Wednesday, December 27, 2006

what's in a name?

for months, (around 8 to be exact), dearie and i have been racking our brains to try to come up with a proper name for our coming addition. we feel like the pressure of naming another human being, basically setting them up for a lifetime of whatever that name might bring them, is just too much for us.
here are our top five:
1. harlan (current favorite)
2. ivan
3. evan
4. holden
5. we don't really have a top five

please weigh in.


Jodialamodi said...

You may be wondering who this strange visitor is to your blog. I'm Jodi, a friend of Stephie Gieg.

First of all, Congragulations on the coming arrival of your wee one!

Naming is quite a curious thing, for sure. Strange that someone else does it for us. I think of it as a gift given to us from the first people to love us. Both of our children have unusual names (my 6-year-old is James Reed- goes by Reed; my 4-year-old is Morrin Abril). So far, they both say they like their names. I hope it shall always be so; but if not, I'd rather see them change to names they're more comfortable with, than feel stuck for the rest of their lives...but that's just me.(Just like a gift of clothing, sometimes it just doesn't fit- but that's changeable)
Anyway, I hope that the naming pressure eases up for you, & that you have a happy birth! (By the way, I like all in your top "5"- especially #1, if an outside opinion helps any!)

Nice to meet you!

P.S. I saw from one of your posts awhile back, that you're a fellow Tom Waits fan. Likewise (very much).Even my 6-year-old likes Mr. Waits- he loves to sing "Singapore"! Parenting can be such a fun, crazy adventure. Enjoy!

Shannon said...

My vote's for Harlan or Holden.

I know of of at least one interesting Harlan, that being Harlan Ellison. You probably already know who he is, but if you don't, Mr. Ellison has written a plague of sci-fi storys. He has also been involved in several tv shows such as Twilight Zone. I got to see him give a speech in Atlanta a few years back while attending DragonCon. Interesting chap. Good name. Hard to pick on a Harlan.

As for Holden, there is that entire Catcher In The Rye thing. Also, it is the name of the bladerunner Harrison Ford's character is brought in to replace in Bladerunner. Come to think of it, I've thought that name was cool since I first saw that movie ages ago.

I lean toward Holden. Good luck with your mamma self!