Friday, January 02, 2009

i do not resolve...

every year i make resolutions, and like most, i don't really bother to keep them, usually. but, the ritual of making resolutions (just like my absolute love of making lists) is extremely satisfying. so, every year, i diligently make my list, and i diligently break my list in a few months. my faithful standbys; lose weight, get healthy, live for the day, stop wasting time, read more, create more, speak french. this year, i say every year, this year will be different. but it never is, as is human nature. predictably irrational.

without further ado, my list of resolutions for 2009. things i will NOT do, instead of things i will do. who knows, maybe this will be my year.

1. i will continue to not wear crocs.
2. i will not drink my daily calorie intake in one sitting every evening.
3. i will not continue to worry about my weight.
4. i will not knit another wash cloth or scarf. (so over it)
5. i will not spend a hundred dollars (or more) during every trip to ikea.
6. i will not throw out twenty dollars worth of groceries every week.
7. i will not let the economic downturn and our horrible financial situation consume me.
8. i will not spend 2-3 combined hours on facebook every day. (yeah, i know)
9. i will not say 'retarded' to describe everything. (blagh)
10. i will not take for granted my husband, my child or my lot in life.

i can handle this.
resolutions, i got it.


debbeblue said...

I love this. Honestly, usually we say something pithy or comedic i our comments but I actually really really love this. I'm going to steal it I think...

aprildawn said...

thank you miss blue, imitation is the best form of flattery!