Friday, December 19, 2008

best hot chocolate ever

2 tbsp ghiradelli double chocolate powder
1/2 tbsp dagoba xocolatl hot chocolate mix
1 shot of kahlua (or more to taste)
12 oz milk
big ass mug

pour kahlua into bottom of mug. heat milk, mix in chocolate powder, stir. when warm enough, pour in glass. drink. melt. yum.


debbeblue said...

by big ass mug are your referring to the owner of the mug or the mug itself? As in a Big Ass's Mug or just a bigass mug? And if it IS a Big Ass's mug does the ass refer to the posterior of the owner or the personality?

This is SO stressful.
I'm just going to have the kuluha..

aprildawn said...

a big 'ass' mug. you know, like one of those novelty mugs you would buy in vegas or p-town.