Wednesday, December 17, 2008

not cool virus, not cool

i've had a cold since thursday of last week. it seems to, just today, have morphed into something nastier than i thought it was. i feel worse today, than i did the day before, if that's possible. could i have caught two strains of the cold virus at once?
with as many children as i'm exposed to, i wouldn't be surprised. children are nasty little germ carrying pods, with constantly runny noses and stinky bums (and i include my own in that group). there also seems to be a bit more stress this time of year than usual (what with christmas crowds, the dying economy, and random scam artists stealing millions upon millions of everyone's, not the american auto industry, that other guy), i'm sure we're all less 'immune' than we would normally be to all the ick that's out there.

add to my failing immune system, the fact that there's a lovely 'wintry' mix outside right now. to all of you not fortunatate enough to live in the northeast, a 'wintry' mix is not a cool mix cd made for you by an old boyfriend. it's an irritating mix of ice, snow, and rain combined with bitter cold and bad attitude. also add in my toddler who is in the wicked evil mood today, which i just realized last night, is due to some serious teething (always with the teething, man will i be happy when this kid gets all his goddamn teeth in). it's mostly the television that keeps him's the strangest thing. this morning alone, we've read books, eaten breakfast, and finger/water/brush painted some christmas cards. that all took about a half hour, and it was full of whining and tantrums and crankiness (and harlan wasn't too happy da bumbum). so, now he's plopped down in front of the television like i cute little zombie (don't worry, i'm not the worst mother, i only let him watch pbs).
i figure we'll go back and forth between television, tantrums, crafts and eating today. if i can last until nap time, we'll be stellar.

breathe in, breathe out.
in other news, here's my new favorite band:
fleet foxes

White Winter Hymnal from Grandchildren on Vimeo.


Chelle said...

Sorry you are sick my friend. I hope you are doing better by the time we get there. LOL! Go to the Dr and get a Z-pack. It's marvelous, and will have you back on track. Hang in there. Hopefully the wintry-mix will not be evil upon us over New Years. Chin up!

debbeblue said...

ah chica, I love when people say "Enjoy these days, some day you'll look back..."

Thank god for the art of blogging. To vent? Why no. To remember!

Sorry you and the wee one aren't feeling up to snuff. I'm impressed with your efforts though. So much early am industry!

Meanwhile - Ellie got two teeth in and - how am I doing?? - we didn't notice that she had her molars until a couple of days ago. BOTH of them. I'm like - hmmm - now when did THAT happen??? When was Ellie whiney and moody and drooling and crying...MORESo then usual??? ho ho

I love your random music snippets btw. Meant to congratulate you on your

debbeblue said...

Sorry - your Maroon 5 victory. Go forth!