Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm dreaming of a green christmas...

thanks to al gore, 'being green' is all the rage this year for the holidays. it is so chic to try to save the planet from global warming that i figured i should jump on this band wagon quick, before this fashion trend goes the way of the ugg boot.
so, here are my 'green goals for christmas' (also known as, the "we're quite broke this year from producing and caring for a small spawn, please accept these homemade or gently used gifts from us...we still love you" christmas goals).

1. do not purchase one roll of new wrapping paper (this one is a doozy, because i'm a giant capitalist sucker for pretty paper, it's even one of my favorite willie nelson christmas songs).
2. give at least 75% recycled gifts. (i.e. things from around the house that i'm tired of looking at...ooh, ooh, you could be one of the lucky ones!)
3. in lieu of sending tons of cards, call family and friends and sing them carols. (this one is also a doozy, because i LOVE sending mail...i can't even tell you how much i love to send mail...the usps loves me!)

i'm not sure how many of these i'll keep. but i thought i would post them here anyway, just to keep up with the trends.


Town Crier said...

1. you can wrap your presents with the aluminium foil or the cellophane that you use to preserve your last dinner's food. I did it once, and, despite the smell, it wasn't that bad.

2. that one's great (and cheap!), but make sure that the person that's goin' to recieve the gift hasn't been at your home for a while...

3. do send cards, you can use toilet paper, but DO SEND CARDS.

Pleased to read you.

jesse said...

town crier, really? what about the newspaper you got your fish and chips in, I've always hated wasting that...

april it seems like there is something you own I've always envied. do you remember?

also, great photo.

aprildawn said...

tc- i wish i read spanish. from the emphatic tone of your number three suggestion, it seems you are unaware of my outrageously awesome bing crosby impersonation of tura lura lura.

j- you'll have to refresh my sleep deprived matronly memory...i'm wondering if it's my cool ass wind up singing hermit crab (that i know you always secretly wanted to keep for yourself).

Town Crier said...

Don't worry if you can't read Spanish... you're would waste your time if you read my blog, hehe, I can assure that.

Excuse my poor-drunken English... but... what does "outrageously awesome bing crosby impersonation of tura lura lura" mean?

Update the blog! We want more! We need more!

Pleased to read you.