Thursday, November 29, 2007

at first, i thought there seems to be a lot of taser usage by police these days, i wonder what that's about. but, now it seems each and every time i turn on the news, i see another video of an out of control cop using his "safe" taser to "control" someone who is "out of control".
this is getting ridiculous people, c'mon! i knew things were bad, but this just scares me.
being a person who suffers from fairly severe anxiety and panic attacks, and being closely related and friends with people who suffer from mental illness, and uncontrollable anxiety, as well as knowing quite of few children with autism, can i just say that all of these stories are horrifying and sickening to me. it just seems that every time someone starts acting the least bit erratic these days, the cops pull out the taser, no matter what their age, phyisical or mental health condition. then they yell at the person to 'calm down', or 'be still', before they taser them again and again. are these cops so stupid that they don't even know the biology of the human body?? the last thing i think my body would do if i were being shocked with mass amounts of electricity is 'be still', or 'calm down'.
i remember seeing a video once of cops being trained with pepper spray. each cop had to be sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray to let them know how it feels, and to try to convince them to use it sparingly. i think the same demonstration should definitely be in affect for ANY and ALL cops issued taser guns. they should be tasered, and then be told to 'be still' and then if they don't comply, they should be tasered again and again and again, until they can finally be still.