Friday, June 23, 2006

songs for summer

crazy by gnarls barkley:
i would have to highly reccommend this album to anyone who likes music. so there. i get c-low's voice stuck in my head and i can't get it out...does that make me cray-zay??? possibleeeee-eee.

postcards from italy by beirut:
beach song, travel song, summer song...this entire album is lovely. for all in boston area, this adorable 19 year old indie newcomer will be at the lily pad (where the zeitgiest used to be) in inman square tomorrow (24th).

everybody daylight by brightblack morning light
what i would imagine it would be like to smoke peyote and wander among the redwoods of california while being chased by a pack of bunnies. the guitar is lazy and warm, very atmospheric music. were it not for this song, i would not have thought twice about this band, since they are a 'tripped out band of hippies', but i was pleasantly surpised by the album. if you're not sure what to do while listening to the album, they've included a pair of paper rainbow glasses to give you a clue.
(plus, it includes flute playing by sweet friend robbie lee)

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