Friday, June 02, 2006


this past memorial day, ernie and i decided to have a quickly planned, sparsely organized cookout. i invited pretty much everyone i knew, and figured upon maybe 6 people showing up. we ended up with 20 and not enough food. but, where the food was lacking the drinks were plentiful. by the end of the night, most of our precious 'charred moonshine' (a mason jar full of moonshine that is aged in jack daniel's barrels, a family members special concoction, smooth as bourbon, with tripple the fury) was gone, and we had ended up getting rid of some of the white lightnin' that had been in our fridge for almost a year (mostly because we keep meaning to put strawberries or peaches in it to make it more, 'palatable')...
as you can imagine, it was a lovely cookout.
at some point in the evening, the subject matter floated over to hoolahooping between myself and my friend amy. since i own a hoolahoop, i had to bring it out. as i tried to hoola hoop in my back yard, listening to bridgitte bardot croon over my shoulder and watching some of my guest get that glazed look in their eyes that people get when they drink a couple shots of tn mountaindew, i realized two things:
1. i have a pretty damn good life right now, and
2. i really really must take up fire hooping (ok, ok, it's mostly done by hippies, but it'll be killer at parties)

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