Thursday, June 15, 2006

the only option is to blog...

i've been awake for 5 hours. here are some reflections on my day.

1. to the bus driver of route 95, mystic ave towards sullivan at 1225pm, who looked me straight in the eye as she passed my stop, while i waved my hands frantically like a fool, standing right under the busstop sign (where i had been waiting for a good ten minutes): i hope you have a miserable's only a small consolation that you probably will. i hope that the next time you desperately need that raise, possibly around christmas this year, your supervisor will look over your performance record and see my angry email (and phone call) that i'm sending to the mbta, and deny you that much needed raise.

2. overheard this very sincere cell phone conversation when i finally made it to the train, after the bus so rudely passed me by: "i know, i love you too, but i'm still not in your top 8, it kind of hurts my feelings..." (at this point, there was a long pause in conversation, as if the person on the other end was trying to explain why she wasn't in his top 8).

3. two stops before i was to get off the train, a lady and her baby in stroller entered the train. the child, who was cute and curly headed, but looked much too large for his age, was screaming at the top of his little lungs, the most annoying scream for attention. his mother, who looked much too small and young to have had a baby that large, yelled to him: "sit back and be quiet, damien!!"
you named your child, damien?? i think that says enough.


jesse said...

I thought you were going to rant.

aprildawn said...

yeah, you think that's funny? it happened! i hate the mbta.