Wednesday, December 21, 2005

roll over...

6. "walk on the fire" : edith frost
if you've not discovered miss edith frost, may i encourage you to please check her out. my favorite version of this song is on her demo album (which is just amazing for a singer songwriter indie type thingie)...but it is also on her album, "telescopic" , which was produced by mr.neil michael hagerty (royal trux fame, among others)...the entire album is incredible, i could pretty much put this album on at any time on any day in any mood and feel great about it. high mountain praise for this one.
7. "seems i never tire of lovin' you" : nina simone
many personal reasons behind loving this song, and getting that flutterbye feeling in my stomach when it plays and she sings...she sings....she...sings...
8. "just like christmas" : low
having not 'observed' christmas for most of my life, it seems that my husband and i happen to own many more christmas albums than the average couple our age (one of us being agnostic as well)...but the LOW christmas album is one that should be owned by many, many. it is warm, and happy, and sometimes terribly sad, but always beautiful. when rushing through the bitter crowds of people on my commute to downtown boston each day this month, this song hums in my head most days...and keeps me healthy and fairly sane. (along with my pills)

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