Monday, December 19, 2005

can isaak come over?

4. 'neverending math equation' : sun kill moon (cover of modest mouse)
my favorite cover from the acclaimed sun kill moon 'modest mouse' cover album. it's a perfect blend of what i love about mark kozelek, and what i love about isaak brock.
5. 'korkore zav ande kalyi ratyi' : romanyi rota
roma roma...again with the gypsy music. i'm not usually a fan of the putumayo compalations, but there is one called "gypsy caravan" that i would quite recommend, if not already. this song is hungarian, and makes me want to dance around in poofy pants with jangly earrings.


Race Gannon said...

OK I don't speak gibberish, but I'm pretty sure you made that second one up.

aprildawn said...

um, i was married to a hungarian, i think i know how to spell, korkore zav ande kalyi ratyi...ok?

Race Gannon said...

I just like to use the word "gibberish", especially in an extremely pejorative racial stereotype way.

Oh and in addition to being able to spell "korkore zav ande fwah fwah fwah poot", I'll bet you can also pronounce it and make it sound pissy.