Wednesday, December 28, 2005

and this, is one of my other favorite gifts from this year. to my friend rachael from long ago, you may be getting a package of homemade peeps in the mail...i'll be sure not to seal the envelope so they'll be nice and stale. Posted by Picasa


Race Gannon said...

I zoomed in on the graphic and noticed it says: "This mother make real marshmallow treats in minutes, yo. Squeeze that shit out."

Did you know they have a web site? You can buy authentic Peeps bling.

jesse said...

Nothing beats this handy-dandy holiday product, which comes with its own blacklight to scout out hidden urine. For my peeps.

aprildawn said...

funnier than the product (including free black light, i mean, how can you go wrong?!) is the commercial for the product. oh, woe to that poor little marketing cog right out of college, whose first client at his big fancy marketing firm job was "urine gone" excited he must have been!

Race Gannon said...

Man, that Urine-Gone would be perfect for Jesse's "calling in to QVC" game:

"Yes, caller, you are on the air!"

"Um, yes. Um, I would like to know: Do it also get out doo-doo?"