Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nipponzan Myohoji Sangha Peace Pagoda, Leverett, MA

a calming sunday visit to one of only two peace pagodas in the united states in leverett massachusetts.  Posted by Picasa
a beautiful, calming sancuary on a mountain side. with goldfish pond and rock garden. but volunteers (and money) are needed for the completion of their temple.
i would highly recommend a visit. the only other peace pagoda in the united states is in grafton, new york.


jesse said...

I love the peaceful peace of the peace pagoda.
in other news, I think Nicole and I will be meeting you on saturday, yes? Assuming you aren't just part of the internet.

aprildawn said...

yes, i will be attending the festivities on saturday. i will bring my buttery inner peas...
ugh, sorry, couldn't help myself.
really, it was much funnier in my head.

Race Gannon said...

You should put up a picture of tumbleweeds.