Thursday, November 03, 2005

mark kozelek vs. isaac brock

i have to say that i was apprehensive, to say the least, when i heard that mark kozelek would be covering modest mouse songs on the new sun kil moon album. but now, that i've heard a few tracks (and always having been a fan of mr.kozelek, as well as mr.brock), i am much too impressed not to post about it.
if you're a fan of either band, or you're just looking for some good solid, melancholy music for the coming winter, check the album out:
sun kil moon "tiny cities"


Race Gannon said...

Upon your recommendation, I'm listening to it now. I don't know how I feel about it yet, though, because like all of Kozelek's work, it takes a few listens for it to grow on me. And then a few more before it has a stranglehold on me and I can't go a day without listening to it. And then a few more before I get sick of hearing it.

By the way, the Old Ball 'n Chain tells me Mr. Kozelek has a significant part in Shopgirl.

And speaking of celebrity cameos, Tom Waits has a great cameo in Domino.

Okay, now. What were we talking about again?

aprildawn said...

funny thing...that's exactly what i told mr.ernie when we first listened to the album...that's also the way i felt about his ac/dc cover album (which is also fantastic).
although, his cover of 'neverending math equation' immediately struck my fancy and caused my quick posting.

( maybe k ) said...

do you like Magnetic Fields covers?

aprildawn said...

yeah, i posted about that magnetic fields cover thingie...can't say that i'm a big fan of it.
love them, though, just would rather not hear covers of them.