Monday, November 07, 2005

forest hills cemetary, jamaica plain, ma

this is a marker for e.e. cummings in the forest hills cemetary in jamaica plain. it is made from a large tree trunk, and on the inside there is a poem of his...also hidden on the inside of the trunk is a small plastic bag with three e.e. cummings books, which are a strange find in a cemetary on a dreary sunday evening. Posted by Picasa


Race Gannon said...

I'll bet the plastic bag is a Geocache.

aprildawn said...

wierd. there was actually a section of the tree cut out, where the little bag of books was. so, maybe.
do you see all of that fuzz in the picture?? those are little circles that came out in a bunch of our pics we took at the graveyard, but not all of them. the most of them were around the e.e.cummings marker...we just figured he was having a party, with some pals...or, it could have been the fog.