Monday, August 30, 2004

day at walden pond

what better place to contemplate contempation than walden pond in concord, with much contemplating needing to be accomplished i dished out the five dollars to ride the commuter rail up to sweet serenity...or, at least, a good swim.
i realized when i got off the train i would have to walk two miles to the pond. it was hot...and by the time i got there, it was hard to start my contemplating with my bathing suit/tank top covered in sweat. the water was clean, and lovely are warm. and the children were loud, and crazy.
there was a group of girls beside me from cambridge reading some sort of magazine trying to figure out (by quiz with calculations) if they were, in fact, "hipsters", or "cambridge intellectuals"...i think they were actually "harvard grad students"...and i'm sure their little discussion was on the joking side, even though they did seem very concerned that they didn't fit into a category, although pleased with themselves at having come to this conclusion on their own, without help of quiz. i had to swim to almost the middle of the lake to cleanse myself of their chatter...then, being very out of shape, i had to float back...for fear of drowning. it might be easier to contemplate while drowning...but i didn't feel like drowing today.
i tried to think...i packed my things and moved to the other side of the beach..still could not think...i also couldn't get that shins song out of my head...all of them...they're all so catchy...ridiculous.

most of the day was spent sleeping on my towel, or watching babies...or staring directly into the sun (with sunglasses of course) contemplating. i'm jobless...i'm 29...i'm spending the day at the beach...i have the love of a good man...things could be much...much...worse.

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