Thursday, August 05, 2004

baby face and falafel

in a hastily planned "date" my darling and i went to see 'baby face' for free at the boston public library. a pre code movie from 1933 starring barbara stanwyck, baby face is a very racy film about a 'lady of the night' who moves to nyc and sleeps her way to the top. even being pre code, it was unfortunately subject to the hayes code, and some severe editing that make the movie absolutely hilarious in spots and causes the tacked on 'morally approved' ending to be just completely absurd. all in all a fun movie, and the library added on a betty boop cartoon at the beginning that blatantly showcased sexual harassment between betty and the 'big boss'.
after the movie, sweetie and i went to CAFE JAFFA just off boylston street in the back bay...a great little middle eastern restaurant that serves mango sangria for two in a large shallow bowl with straws, and has the best baba ghanouj and falafel i've ever tasted. and in boston, great, inexpensive middle eastern food is a rare find.

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