Friday, July 16, 2004


on my daily commute i see many odd i'm sure we all do.  this morning, while trying desperately to get involved in my book (yes, 'master and margarita', i will try to finish you again, though, this is turning into quite a disfunctional relationship, you know), i noticed that the guy sitting beside me and the girl on the other side of me were doing the same crossword puzzle.  one in ink, one in pencil.  just as i noticed this, i also noticed that the 'one in ink' was copying answers from the 'one in pencil'.   sneaky, sly little bastard.  the most humerous part about this, is that the crossword puzzle they were trying to finish was the one from the free handout paper "the boston metro" hard could it be?  um, mr.cheating in ink, who are you trying to impress by getting all of the spaces filled? 

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Anonymous said...

I always liked this headline from The Onion:

Man Reading Pynchon On Bus Takes Pains To Make Cover Visible
PHILADELPHIA — According to riders on the eastbound C bus, John Bolen, 23, made a conscious effort Monday to make the cover of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying Of Lot 49 visible to all on board. "Instead of resting the book on his lap or on the seat in front of him, he was holding it up in this really awkward, uncomfortable- looking way," rider Caryn Little said. "Then, every so often, he'd glance around to see if anyone was noticing what he was reading." Bolen vehemently denied the Pynchon-flaunting charges, insisting that "the light was bad" on the bus.