Wednesday, July 07, 2004


it is completely quiet in the office. almost total silence except for the sporadic clicking of keys, and shuffling of papers coming from the woman in the cube next to mine. no radio, no chatter...just mind numbing waves of white air conditioner noise seeping into my brain.
i am almost to an understanding of why so many people have blogs...i see everyone on the train every day at five o'clock, desperate for some sort of human contact. or maybe not. maybe just desperate to be heard, to speak, to hear something other than eight hours of cube noise.

i have a phone i can answer, but as i am a "temp to perm" employee, i have nothing else to do but answer this one phone. it rings, every five minutes or so, the phone calls last as long as it takes the person on the other end to ask for the person they wish to speak with, and no longer, ever.

i suppose it's nice to be here. i have a big window, overlooking fountains. and it is quiet, of course...saving my ears. i read now, quite a bit. zadie smith, the author of choice at the moment. a pleasant summer read.

no complaining...right?

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kathryn said...

you know, i was thinking:
if people really are in need of some human contact, i think you should start just sitting in people's laps on the T.
just plop down. i think it'd be a riot, and you'd make new friends.