Wednesday, July 28, 2004


the democratic national convention is in full swing here in boston, and while it is calm and quiet on the streets of this town, due to a mass exodus of all employees, students and is still a little strange.  i don't know if on a normal day in boston, i would walk through the public garden in my daily commute and onto the street to see five delivery trucks, sides plastered with large, graphic pictures of mutilated, bloody, unborn babies...probably not.  i can't properly describe how offended i was by these trucks...i honestly wanted to stop one of them and ask them what exactly was the point of what they were doing ???  the answer, unfortunately, would have probably involved much spitting and yelling.  in between dry heaves, i was quite baffled.  how can a logical, and obviously very organized, group of people even think that you're going to change someone's opinion by cleverly manipulating medical photographs of dead deformed babies on photoshop.  they were pictures of full term babies!!!  
like i said...baffled.




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