Wednesday, October 07, 2009

time for the round up...

once again, i present to you, my three loyal readers, things i've been doing instead of blogging:
*inciting facebook comment riots
*inciting in-law family conflicts
*knitting knitting knitting
*watching my child be beautiful (awww..mush mush)
*making a list of people i'd like to kick in the face
*picking lots of p.y.o berries, apples, etc and sitting them on the counter so they can rot and mock my laziness.
*ignoring phone calls (as usual)
*ranting against pre school, then deciding i'm all for it, then ranting against it again.
*more knitting
*whining about how fat i am, and how crappy i always feel (while eating burger king)
*lusting after don draper (but not jon hamm)
*lusting after january jones (but not betty draper)
*visiting alpaca farms and dreaming
*seriously contemplating dying a blue streak in my hair and joining a roller derby league
*more dreaming
*listening to massive amounts of gillian welch
*checking over my facebook status updates to see what i've been up to for the past few weeks
*falling more crazy in love with the husband and his manly, husbandly ways (more mush)
*not blogging

that's about it friends. maybe i'll have something to say the spirit of blogging, i'll write even if i don't.

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