Monday, June 15, 2009

all these little things

for two months now, i've been, 'out of sorts'. that's what i keep calling it. pretty sure it's a mixture of stress from now being an unemployed family and a change in birth control (fucking with my hormones, not my idea of cool).
one thing is sure, i feel like crap. and i've become mean. like leroy brown mean.
like cruella deville mean. and i've gained weight, only a few pounds, but enough to make my size 12's stretch tragically close to a size 14. (and they should be size 8's in the first place).
if therapy has taught me anything, it's that when you don't take care of yourself first, the people you love the most suffer the most. and my people's are suffering.
it's time for (yet another) change.
i have no delusions of grandeur that this will be the time that sticks. who knows. i'm positive, but i know myself (thanks therapy). so, i will say, yes, i'm going to change. and know full well, i might have to cut and paste this post to another day a few months from now.
we'll see. one this is for sure, it's not going to hurt me to try. in fact, i'm hoping just the opposite.

lighter news...
had a beautiful, relaxing time in provincetown this past weekend. realized that life really is good when you are surrounded by wonderful friends and wonderful beaches :-).
my poor toddler, bless his heart, he had a rough time of it this weekend. we learned last summer, after a silly trip to the emergency room in a suburb of chicago, that he was allergic to mosquitoes. he gets huge knots wherever they bite him...i'm talking HUGE. no one believed us. we would tell tales of his bites, and they would say things like, 'oh yeah, i'm allergic too' (and we would look at them and think, um, no, you aren't, not like this).
but this time, we have photographic evidence. he gets what is off offhandedly known as "skeeter syndrome".
this was day two of the bite. they don't swell until a day after he gets the bite.

this was today. his eye was swollen shut when he woke up. nothing to do but dose him with benedryl.

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Chelle said...

Not sure what we could to about the mosquitos, but come down here and live. We have room. There are several of us that have room. Don't fret. It is all going to work out!