Friday, May 15, 2009

mbta woes

i was all set to post a whiny rant about the mass bay transportation authority, they've been pissing me off for a while now (say, since i've lived here)...and today, our ride on the subway sucked, to say the least. (stalled at MGH, 10 minutes, stalled at kendall, 10 min, stalled at central, 15 off with toddler and walked to harvard square, 20 min walk in beating sun...tried to catch shuttle to davis square since train service was suspended, it was full, waited for another, 25 min...went back into tunnel to get out of sun, train finally back up and running....15 minute train ride turned into an hour and half ordeal with a very tired toddler..who was a trooper, god bless him).

it was a perfectly beautiful day today. the toddler and i went downtown to boston common to hang out with some super cool friends and rode the carousel, played at the frog pond playground, had a picnic lunch under a big shady tree, chased some was all peachy and wonderfully cheap entertainment. then, there was the train ride home (as mentioned above), ugh, i was 'irritable' when i finally arrived home, to say the least.

then i read the reason why the train was stalled, and i thought, my life is pretty damn good. i'm alive, and that counts for more than i often realize.

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