Wednesday, March 04, 2009

my life as a series of facebook status updates

April Watkins-Doeg....

...needs a new travel mug.
* i really do, it thoroughly annoyed me this morning while taking my husband to work, that there was a giant, wonderful, fresh pot of coffee on our counter that i didn't have time to drink nor did i have anything 'mobile' to put it in to take with me. solution; i stopped at dunkin donuts, where the coffee was so gd hot that i couldn't drink it until i got home. ironic, yes. irritating, double yes.

...just might clean her house.
* i did, i cleaned my house so i wouldn't look like a completely inept housemum to the rest of my mom friends when i hosted the weekly stitch and bitch. i really really cleaned the three rooms of my house that everyone would see, the rest, well, not clean so much. once again super pissed about the snow and poop in her backyard.
* yep, even after a HUGE fight with the hubs over cleaning up the massive amount of poop in the back yard before it snows because our precious child can not play in the snow in his own backyard for fear of "poop smear"...our yard, was once again covered in poop during the early spring snowstorm this past week. i feel like a lazy, white trash troll. drowning her winter blahs in contruction paper daisy chains.
* the snow is lovely, but i'm more than ready for it to go away. i think the real bitter pill to swallow with this week's snowstorm was the day before it snowed, it was 50 degrees outside and we were at the playground in our jackets as if spring was actually here. oh, winter you butterfaced bitch. i'm pretty sure even my two year old is sick of the snow at this point. needless to say, the only decoration besides balloons as harlan's 2 year birthday party this saturday will be lots of construction paper daisy chains forged out of absolute boredom.

i love facebook. it's always there for me when i need some serious self love. i do wish i were a bit less addicted, but hey, everyone has a few vices, right?

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