Wednesday, March 11, 2009

kissing the lipless

here i am, it was bound to happen. i knew eventually i would stop prattling on about nothing and this blog would become yet another "weight loss" blog. i'm giving up.
and turning over a new leaf. or something like that. i would love to be the flippant, too cool to work out, too cool to talk about it, type...i'd love to drink all night long, eat fried food and still look good in my size eights (oh, to be 23 again)...but i'm not. i'm getting old, i need boundaries, i need regiments, i need to document.

i had a baby, i'm in my thirties, i'm 35 pounds overweight. i love my curves, so don't be hatin', but i don't have the money to buy a new wardrobe, so i have to work it out.
or, work it off. i've enlisted the help of a close friend. she's acting as my 'life coach' of sorts. she's good at this sort of thing, and our brains seem to work in similar patterns. she's an organized motivator, and not in a pushy, martha stewart sort of way, but more like 'this is me, this is how i roll, take it or leave it'.

first goal. no weight loss. in 20 days, i work out for 20 minutes a day (i chose to use the jillian michael's 30 day shred work out, because i tried it before, and i liked it). if weight loss comes, it comes, but that's not my goal for the next few weeks. i'm working on simple perseverance. strengthening of will.
she's also set up daily goals for me to meet, which she emails to me daily. it's day two, and my goal for the day was every time the clock hits :20, i have to get up and dance for one minute, no matter where i am. i have to do this 10, i can skip dancing if i'm driving in my car, etc.
at first i thought...goofy? but i love to dance, and soon realized the most fun for me would be had by picking out which songs i was going to put on while i danced. the strange stares from my toddler make it a bit harder (he seems to know somethings up).
but, still, i've finished two 'dance sessions' already, and i'm excited. i've even found it hard to stop dancing when the minute is up, i feel like i have to finish the song out. (and yeah, there will be some gwen stefani coming out of my speakers today, maybe even some fergie..'wanta go down like london, london, london'..hehe)
it also makes me really want to go out dancing at zuzu's soulalujah again, because honestly, how bad can life be when you're dancing with wild abandon to soul music from the 60's.

here we go...

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