Monday, August 18, 2008


i used to have a job outside of our house. i've always hated my jobs, so when i got pregnant, i actually looked forward to becoming a housemum. i had ideals of long days doing crafts or lazying around the playground or musuems. and really, that's kind of what my life is like. but, it is also filled with lots of screaming, very little sleep, and a house that seems to always be in chaos. and i only have one child.

so begins a very roundabout way of telling the story of how i hit a woman with my car.
'bumped' her, actually. when i worked outside of our house, i waited for the bus at a bus stop not far from our house. it was basically in a parking lot and each day i would tell ernie, 'one day, someone is going to back over me with their car', because every day someone would almost back over me with their car. so, you can imagine how upset i was, when I was the person who almost backed over someone with their car. you see, i'm tired, i'm very tired most of the time. my attention span is very short and my patience is solely reserved for harlan. i was backing up, i was turned around, i noticed harlan in his carseat, i noticed the car stopped on the road beeping it's horn at me (apparently because there was a woman i was about to back over), and i failed to noticed THE WOMAN STANDING BEHIND MY CAR! so, i bumped her.

she was not amused. she was older (50+), she had crazy tattoos and a short butch haircut, and if it weren't for harlan, she would have kicked my ass. she came over to my window, and i apologized profusely. never have i apologized more profusely than i did right then. i was so sorry. i offered her a ride, that's how bad i felt. then, my saving grace, the bus came, on time. hallalujah god in heaven.

what have we learned from this little foible?
1. when you notice someone in a car near you, honking their horn and waving their hands around, put your foot on the brake.
2. do not wear your ipod while waiting for the bus, there are many sleep deprived moms out there, they may bump you with their car.


Jeremicah said...

That worked out well. Whew.

Chelle said...

I think that you did better by hitting a person than a car. No exchange of insurance information, police...etc. Well done.

Lloyd said...

I'm a really safe and cautious driver with a crystal-clear record, but I nearly ran right over a jogger in Rockaway Park a few months ago. I was really apologetic too but she was having none of it, so I started shouting my apologies, but she still was having none of it, so I let loose a stream of obscenities and peeled off. You'd think people who just nearly got hit by a car would have better manners.