Friday, September 21, 2007

you can't tell a hero by his size

when harlan was first born, i sang this the theme song all the time. it just seemed appropriate. then i realized that mister irving had no idea what i had been singing, because he had never seen the skit on sesame street...i couldn't believe it, it was only my single most favorite thing on sesame st. i learned so much from the teeny little super guy...i would have never made it through second grade without him.
i remember getting so excited when the shot of the kitchen counter would come on and the whispery voice over would start.
"ladies and gentlemen; the teeny little super guy."
hats off to you paul fierlinger!


jewlover2 said...

thanks for all your tips! I will remember them and use them all if I must.

(Funny, I never wondered why the teeny little super guy was on a drinking glass until I was an adult)

aprildawn said...

i actually just noticed that he's on a disposable cup...i mean, who saves their disposable cups??
i fear the fate of the teeny little super guy.